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Love letter fired from a cannon

November 22, 2014

Blake Walmsley, DIAGRAM 4.6.

A-ha! This gives me ideas!

October 10, 2010


“What constitutes a voice as a voice? How can [we] be sure that voice is not an effect of the play of reading itself? What makes it possible to distinguish the voices of the text from the play of reading? Might it not be that the condition of all such voices…the condition that makes play [reading] possible, is rather a silence, the absence of (the certainty of) voice? …In L’espace littéraire, [Maurice] Blanchot constantly insists that writing is the ‘effacement’ of speaking. ‘C’est…retirer le langage du cours du monde.’ Literature withdraws language from its circulation in the world…”


Andrew Gibson, “Silence of the Voice”, New Literary History 32:3 Voice and Human Experience (Summer, 2001): 713.


P.S. I have been in Durham for two weeks. Classes started yesterday. The trees are just turning for autumn. It is cold. I have a lime tree out my window. Yesterday I saw a robin. I am making friends; I am watching the clouds change. Perhaps most importantly, I am writing. And I’m eating vast quantities of pickles and biscuits. Oh, it is heavenly.