231 pages of research; 191/12 000

August 19, 2011

First of all, yes, my MA dissertation is only 12 000 words. I’m flabbersmacked as well. That’s less than my undergraduate Honours thesis, I laugh, I laugh. Unfortunately there’s little time left for laughing seeing that the disfigured thing is due in 22 days and my word count thus far leaves a paragraph here and there to be desired.

What I did today:

  • Had a one and a half hour’s deep tissue massage because I am just that stressed;
  • Sat by the river for an hour contemplating the short stretch of time I have to to be a genius;
  • Napped for three hours in the afternoon to prepare my mind for imminent brilliance;
  • Did something to the next six hours I can’t recall;
  • Inexplicably Found Myself at half past nine pee-em not so much as one word improved on yesterday’s count.

So, as I am rapidly running out of time, and decidedly feeling the heat, here are some relevancies:

(1). Some scholarly resources. [These] cat[s are] retarded. The dullest blog in the world. Things organi[s]ed neatly. Turtles eating things. This is not my cat either. Accidental Chinese hipsters.

(2). Some scholarly materials. A shack in a relevant location. A typewriter. Nourishment. A suitably academic companion. A work song. Appropriate footwear. A brain.

(3). Some scholarly advice.


2 Responses to “231 pages of research; 191/12 000”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Goodluck with the dissertation.I’m sure you will allow yourself to be nothing less than brilliant.

  2. nicole Says:

    procrastination is the mother of all thesis brilliance 😉 you will do fabulously! (12000 words? woah!)

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