Madame Yevonde’s Goddesses (1935)

May 30, 2011

Madame Yevonde (aka Yevonde Middleton) was one of the first society photographers to experiment with the “fad” that was colour photography in the 1930s. Her Goddesses series, which featured the pre-eminent society women of the day dressed as classical and mythological divinities, is considered her defining work. All images courtesy of The Yevonde Portrait Archive.

Lady Bridgett Poulett as Arethusa

Mrs. Richard Hart-Davis as Andromeda

The Hon. Mrs. James Beck as Daphne

Mrs. Edward Mayer as Medusa

Mrs. Michael Balcon as Minerva

Baroness Gagern as Europa

Mrs. Richard Hart-Davis (again) as Ariel (ambig.)

Sixteen images from the series are on joint display with the work of Neeta Madahar at the PM Gallery and House in Walpole Park, London, until the 3rd of July. For more information, see here.


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