March, and 23 days of April

April 24, 2011

Oh dear. But I was struck down in rapid succession by summative essays, family from Australia, and a kidney infection (the pain! that is no inconsequential bean!). Then I went to Malta. And now it is nigh April’s-end, and I have my second flush of essays due, spring has sprung vernal in Durham (those trees! they popped leaves over night, the prodigious sneaks), and the Guilt of Blog-Neglect has finally wrangled me into action, this wettish, greyish, non-ish evening. Hello!

4 Responses to “March, and 23 days of April”

  1. j Says:


    i was just looking at your flickr photostream – your photography is stunning. good luck with the essays, and happy spring!

  2. j Says:

    thankyou! and it’s not a problem; it is perfectly true in my opinion. lovely to see some posts from you again, too. best wishes 🙂

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