October 21, 2010

…there are throned seats unscalable
But by a patient wing, a constant spell,
Or by ethereal things that, unconfin’d,
Can make a ladder of the eternal wind,
And poise about in cloudy thunder-tents
To watch the abysm-birth of elements.”

[Endymion III. 23-8.]

Happy night! For no especial reason. I have my drive (aha, watch me work!), and I have my chamomile, and today I went for a long walk through fields with a new friend and saw a squirrel in a churchyard. In the afternoon I napped, and spent a long time adding a comma to a poem (it later turned into a hyphen, and is still not right, but a whole mark of punctuation! What a move!). And I’m excited because I just booked a ticket to this tomorrow night. Poetry, yes!

Yesterday I ate pikelets and heard someone say “daft”. And in the evening I went to an evening lecture on contraries in Medieval debate poetry because I felt like it, and hopped to the library through two-degree crispiness at 10pm just because I could.

And I am determined—so determined! That is what makes me happier than anything else. That I can feel my will again—!


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