Booklust of the day:

October 16, 2010

Um, yeah. So, I’ll just let this speak for itself, then.

From and via the wonderful book-aesthete:

Bookbinding by Suenonius Mandelgreen. Middelburg, 1757. – 1793

Brown-carmine morocco, gold-tooled. The covers are filled with decorations of interlacing ribbons with foliage and flowers in the resulting compartments, made by many small tools. On both covers is a circumscription: ‘A grateful reminder of the honour bestowed on the 5th of the autumn month 1757. On the occasion of the joyful dinner, on the happy birth of Willem Zelandus van Borssele, whom the Lord will appoint to the noble seat of his father, for the benefit of country and church, is the respectful wish of A.L. Callenfels, S. Mandelgreen and L. Taillefert. D.Z’. Signed at the bottom of the front cover ‘S. Mandelgreen fecit’.

*cue serious wanting*


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