Tarkovsky’s Polaroids

August 9, 2010

Aren’t these just glorious?

I love the plashings of light and those inky, inky shadows.

And those colours! These strike me as more painterly than photographic, and perhaps that’s why I like them so much. And they speak of a very particular, almost hyper-real  way of seeing (Ingmar Bergman said Tarkovsky’s films “capture[d] life as a reflection, life as a dream”, and I think that hits the nail head-on). I first came across these (and many beautiful others) here, and I quote from the same blog:

It is not widely known that Tarkovsky, whose films often seem to be composed as a montage of still photos, in a period effectively took photos with a Polaroid camera. These photos, taken at home and in Italy, in spite of all their technical imperfections bear witness to the same way of seeing and visual world as the great films.

I guess I’ll now be forced to hunt down Solaris and/or The Sacrifice. A selection of polaroids was published in 2006 under the title Instant Light, and can also be seen online (it’s in Russian to be sure, but just click a bit, yeah?).

Argh, I could just pore over these all day. But I’m off to afternoon tea, and then the chiropractor. Still, here is a cat.


[via the fascinating Poemas del río Wang]

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