August 8, 2010

Today’s acquisitions:

  • Katherine Mansfield, Selected Stories, London: Oxford University Press, 1959 (A pretty little World’s Classics edition, light enough for me to consider taking it with me to Durham, for comfort).
  • Janet Frame, Faces in the Water, London: The Women’s Press, 1991 (Another talented New Zealander, I’ve been meaning to read her for a while, and this, a novel of madness, seemed as good a place as any to start).
  • Christopher Fry, The Lady’s Not For Burning, London: Oxford University Press, 1951 (A play that has been on my list forever, and a lovely second edition).

Today’s gustatory pleasures:

  • A good slab of semolina halva.
  • Just-unripe banana with strawberries, walnuts, greek yoghurt.
  • A very gingery cup of black chai.
  • Hazelnut cream wafers.
  • LASAGNA (cherry tomato, spinach, lemon).

Food and books aside (I finished a Sontag; I started the Barrett/Browning correspondence), I meditated in the morning, went for a walk in the afternoon, watched Miss Potter in the evening, and am now, at night, pulling on socks (it is chilly) and warring (with a very slothful, newly-bathed puppy) for possession of the pillows.  Such was my day. Not productive in any true sense, but calm and uneventful, as I needed it to be. And as testament to my growing and dealing: I twice felt a kind of happiness.


One Response to “8/8/2010”

  1. Cara Says:

    Janet Frame is brilliant. Possibly one of my favourite authors of all time.

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