Come September…

April 7, 2010

I will be taking up a place at Durham University in England to read a Masters in Poetry (talk about my dream programme!)

Hatfield College in Autumn

Here are some excite-mints:

  • Durham’s English Department has topped league tables the past three years in a row for English, and received the highest score for student satisfaction of any UK English department.
  • Bill Bryson is the Chancellor.
  • It is a designated World Heritage Site.
  • Bits of the Venerable Bede are buried in Durham Cathedral, built in the tenth century (!)
  • Durham Castle, now one of the University buildings (and the oldest university building in the world), dates from 1072.
  • It is the third oldest university in England, with academic foundations over 1000 years old.

Oh, and Durham city was voted “Best City in the UK” in 2007 by Condé Nast, ahead of both Edinburgh and London, ha!

Part of Durham Cathedral from the River Wear

(—by Wet Knee Photography—)

I am excited. It will be cold, and Moor-ish, and there will be real seasons, and I’ll have to wear long johns. And I’ll have the Durham Dales and wild North Peninnes at my door!

The Dun and Cross Fells, North Peninnes

(—by ExeDave JG—)

Even Sir Walter Scott’s got in on the act:

Grey towers of Durham
Yet well I love thy mixed and massive piles
Half church of God, half castle ‘gainst the Scot
And long to roam those venerable aisles
With records stored of deeds long since forgot.

From “Harold the Dauntless” (1817).

Oh, oh!

Durham University

(—by ScotWars—)

I’ll be preparing for my Master’s dissertation an edition of Anne Bronte’s poetry, one that takes into account the  frequent ambiguities of her manuscripts. And with the Bronte home in Haworth a short distance away, I couldn’t be better situated!


2 Responses to “Come September…”

  1. Ellena Says:

    Congrats a thousand times, it seems like such a lovely university! 😀 I’m sure you’ll do great there! -hug-

  2. lucyshena Says:

    Oh, thank you! That’s very sweet. I am looking forward to it, but am a bit apprehensive, too! It’ll be my first time out of home, for one thing!

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