A Melancholic Interlude

November 30, 2009

So go these days, these funny boundless days I can scarcely arrange numbers for. Sitting in an overheated attic in Salzburg, listening to church bells, I am sad, I suppose, or something like it.

I am in Austria (and was in Hungary); and will be until the 15th of December. I am on hiatus, hence the no-posts.

I’m spending my time thinking too much, talking too little, making and scuttling plans, eating and mourning the passing of pastries, chestnuts, pretzels, and doubting — ah. Always, that.

One Response to “A Melancholic Interlude”

  1. Jenn Says:

    I have the melancholy and the doubt, and the making and scuttling of plans at the moment, also. That limbo time between past study and whatever is supposed to (or might) come next is a strange one, isn’t it? And summers always do stretch out (although so do winters, it seems)

    I hope you are good, despite all this strangeness!

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