Jumping airwaves

September 22, 2009

These past few nights I’ve been doing radio interviews for my book, which has just come out in North America and Canada.

On the 17th: central Los Angeles and Hollywood. 20 hours ago I was in south-western Connecticut. Tonight, Grand Rapids, Michigan, followed by an hour-long mega-interview with the nationally syndicated Doctor Radio, powered by NYU Langone Medical Center.  Shows from Raleigh, North Carolina and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are next on the list tacked to my fridge.

The fact that I can sit in bed, cross-legged, itching the soles of my feet while I speak through my ground-anchored phone to someone on the other side of the world, 14 hours before myself, really psychs me out. Right now, I’m five minutes out of having to answer that phone call–in old mould-coloured leggings, with wet hair, eating chocolate drops from a jar. Hardly what one could call interview-preparation.

I’m nervous.

Ah well. The wind is blowing, and these people exist only so far as they sound in my ear, at least for the moment. Ahhh. hhh. eee. o. To bed it is. Time to assume the position.

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