On india-rubbers, and Dalloways

July 6, 2009

Barbara Bagenal, in Recollections of Virginia Woolf, ed. Joan Russel Noble, Penguin Books, 1975: 186.

“My daughter Judith…remembers too how amusing Virginia could be. When she was a child she met her one day in Lewes High Street. Virginia said to her, ‘Will you come with me to Woolworth’s to buy a very large india-rubber? I want to rub out all my novels.'”

One Response to “On india-rubbers, and Dalloways”

  1. […] Again, from Recollections of Virginia Woolf: 189. Louie Mayer remembers: “The floors in Monk’s House [the Woolfs' country retreat] were very thin, the bathroom was directly above the kitchen and when Mrs. Woolf was having her bath before breakfast I could hear her talking to herself. On and on she went, talk, talk, talk: asking questions and giving herself the answers. I thought there must be two or three people up there with her. When Mr. Woolf saw that I looked startled he told me that [Virginia] always said the sentences out loud that she had written during the night. She needed to know if they sounded right and the bath was a good, resonant place for trying them out.” […]

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