Mmm… nice chunky stinky books

June 19, 2009

For my conference paper: ‘Emily Dickinson and the Anxiety of Pentameter’.

Domhnall Mitchell, Measures of Possibility: Emily Dickinson’s Manuscripts, Amherst and Boston: U of Massachusetts P, 2005.

Suzanne Juhasz (ed.), Feminist Critics Read Emily Dickinson, Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1983 [For its chapter by Christanne Miller: ‘How “Low Feet” Stagger: Disruptions of Language in Dickinson’s Poetry’].

Peter L. Groves, Strange Music: The Metre of the English Heroic Line, Victoria, B.C: U of Victoria, 1998.

R. W. Franklin (ed.), The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Variorum Edition, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard UP, 1998.

I’m going to spend the whole weekend in my pyjamas, with a cup of tea, reading. 😀

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